From its humble beginnings as 'The Itchy & Stitchy Store' in 2011, Tenga Tenga has now grown into Cape Town's most respected collection of design-inspired products from across our part of the world.
I am happiest when I am creating, crafting or curating.  These are the activities that feed my soul.’ 

Hayley Solomon, Owner


Hayley Solomon Illustration

Hayley Solomon hails from Zimbabwe, where she grew up amongst the sugar cane fields and played bare foot on the shores of the Sabi Sabi River.  

At 21, she underwent chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.  Using her time to heal and process, she began to  stitch hope into her future with embroidered felt pieces.

After a full recovery she, along with her mother and sister, grew some designs into a philanthropic business which provided skills development and piece work for the local community.

Leaving for Cape Town, Hayley managed a high end shop before opening Tenga Tenga.

 HAMA MAOKO is a traditional saying which means 'Your hands are your closest relatives' or alternatively, 'if you hands are lazy, you won't eat'. 

Craft is such an important aspect of our global village. Traditionally hand crafted objects served a purely functional role, but their purpose has evolved to include a more aesthetic role that infiltrates the boundaries of fine art.


The word 'Tenga" inspires childhood memories of vibrant, colourful markets, tactile materials and highly skilled artisans. ‘Tenga’ means ‘to buy’ in the Shona dialect of my native country Zimbabwe, and that is what we hope you are tempted to do as you browse our carefully curated collection of craft, jewellery, clothingart and collectibles .

It is our pleasure to share this magic with you.

We are located at The Farm Village in Noordhoek, along the beautiful Chapman's Peak drive. 



Shop 2/3, The Post House,
The Noordhoek Farm Village
1 Village Lane, Noordhoek, 7979
Cape Town, South Africa


Please pop in for a visit :
Mon - Sun : 9am - 5pm 

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